Pulp Fury Radio

The Terror In The Walls

September 14, 2020

Pulp Fury Radio Presents

The Terror In The Walls

Three friends spend their gap year in a quiet old house to work on their art, but are they truly alone?

Written by BT Calloway

Directed, Edited & Produced by BT Calloway & Elliot Jay O’Neill


Kelly MacBride as Nell Hargrove

Tom Burt as Alex Tillman

Steve Maresca as Paul Anders

Ben Hamilton as Dr. Phelps

Craig Walker as Father Johaness

Sheridan Morley as Susan Anders

And April Pressler as the Librarian

Recorded at The Brain Recording Studios engineered by Clayton Segelov

Original music by The Dave Plus One House Band

Copyright © 2020 Side Quest Studios. All Rights Reserved. 


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